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Thursday, September 25, 2008

diari 5

Assalamualaikum to all my frens..
25th of march, i’ve face new memory in my life.. little bad i think..
actually, on that nite, when i’ve finished my class around 10 o’clock, i returned to my hostel.. after rested my body for a while, i went to surau to perform solat isyak..
alhamdulillah, when i finished performing that solat, i continued reciting the quran, the qalamullah.. but, i felt so slepy that nite.. dont know why, mybe little bit tired from attending the class…
then, i put the quran laying on my body, and decided to take a short rest.. zzzz..zzz..
when i woke up, it was almost an hour past.. then i realized something happen…my handphone was missing…!!!
but i tried to remember back, where i put my handphone before…
lastly i found that, my handphone have been stolen… isk2,…so sad…
but i’m tried to tell to myself, there will be a hikmah from Allah for tht bad experience..
please pray for me ok..

best regards:
"new physicist"
27th March 2008


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